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November 21, 2009
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13 Cid by jameson9101322 13 Cid by jameson9101322
13 Cid Highwind - Final Fantasy VII (and its kin)
30 Character Challenge
Other Characters [link]

It's Cid ^^ In sextastic AC wear no less. And he's looking so pissed off at us. We love you Cid.

Cid has filled so many roles over the course of his life. People often forget he started as a rocket scientist. Seriously. He was the bull-headed aeronautic genius determined to be the first man in space but Unfortunately that didn't work out, so he became a bitter foul-mouthed jerk-and-a-half. What a natural response huh?

And then there's Shera, who I ship him with in a big way. Their dynamic is great fun. She obviously loves him the way she puts up with his verbal abuse, and he loves her back but is too surly to show it (past naming his beloved airship after her and making her darn his socks). If Barret is the father of the group and Aerith is the mother, then Cid is the brash, abrasive uncle who keeps Thanksgiving lively.

I love toughguys, especially when they have a heart of gold.
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YES CID FANS! :highfive:

I like, never see any Highwind makes this Cid RPer sad. D:

I always thought of Cid as the uncle with a heart of gold who really has no idea how to deal with all these damned kids on his team. XD (And yet I always get warm and fuzzy seeing how Marlene took to Vincent...I wonder what she'd think of Cid and how he'd act around her, lol.)
Cid is <3.

Nicely done.
Sentinall77 Nov 22, 2009
I haven't see you post a Cid in FOREVER! As always, you have more than emphasized his utter hotness and I now want to either write another Cid fanfic or I want to go off and play the game again. :XD:
jameson9101322 Nov 22, 2009  Professional General Artist
Cid makes me want to watch Advent Children again. Seriously, as far as I'm concerned, the's the only thing in that movie. He's the only reason I watch it.
LOL! You know he's the only reason I watch that movie, too? Well, him and Rufus Shinra. I'm a Rufie fan, too. But mostly Cid. Omg Cid is just so epically hot in it. :heart:
jameson9101322 Nov 22, 2009  Professional General Artist
Yeah I first saw it as a pirated sub before the western relief and when he dropped out of the sky in that blue tshirt I was like He-LLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO there! Thank you for coming Cid, good job on those bench presses and situps over the year since we last met, they have done you a great service.
LAWL! XD Indeed they have! Fanservice, anyone?
DragmiresGirl Nov 22, 2009
DAMN!!! :iconnosebleedplz:

i LOVE Cid!

im gonna play FF VII right away xD
Raptorix Nov 22, 2009  Student Filmographer

I think it's a crime that out of all the FF7 characters they have made a PlayArts figure of (in which most every character has one by now), There is no Cid figure!

Perhaps they have a No-Cid policy? D:
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