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Animated Alucard by jameson9101322 Animated Alucard by jameson9101322

This is Alucard because he's awesome!
lol cool could be a lil more smooth animation but hats off for giving it a go ^_^

oh btw...HELLSING ROCKS ^_^

also its arucard not alucard :) lol dont argue with me bout that i know im right > _<
jameson9101322 Dec 9, 2004  Professional General Artist
Fine I wont argue... except that the man is Dracula... and Drucla spelled backwards is Alucard no matter what the "official subs" say about it. I figure if it says Alucard in the Manga and they pronounce it Alucard in the english dubs then that's two to one but you spell it however you like ^^
Point being its the same guy and he Rocks! call him Alucard, Arucard, Tom Jim or Bill.

As for the animation, i'll supress my need to defend myself ^^ There will be more animations to come, maybe they will suit your taste a little better ^_^
Floren-Ca Dec 9, 2004   Traditional Artist
Awesomeness Job on the piccy ^^ :+fav:
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