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May 24, 2010
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Company0051pg226 by jameson9101322 Company0051pg226 by jameson9101322
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Sorry for the tardiness, I was sick yesterday.

That's Avery still talking btw if you'd forgotten

I don't think Dunny's quite realized what he's messing with... or how to treat it properly.

Oh and forgot to mention... the medic in this page is Private Smart, known around here as *doodlebot-squared Doodles is on an extended mission trip right now and won't be able to catch up with the comic for over a year! She was one of the first people to comment way back when this comic was still in the single digits and has become a really good friend. She requested a long long time ago that she be a medic, so I'm sticking her in as a cameo like an easter egg for her to find when she finally gets back. So that's for you, Doodles, (i promise I'll write you again soon 0_0 )

Also we have a club :iconcompany0051: (please leave feedback on the trial css) and *Bread4311 made us a meme [link] so fill that out too if you like

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I'm amazed they had Marine armor that would fit John...
jameson9101322 May 26, 2010  Professional General Artist
It's a little snug but definitely xl
It may have fit him back in Boot, though...
jameson9101322 May 26, 2010  Professional General Artist
He wore armor like this back when he was training, yes.
TheLastIronMan May 25, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
I can't even begin to explain how silly John-boy looks in that outfit.
ArbiterGirl May 25, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awww! Poor john! He seems so out of his element!
SoulLilDemon May 25, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Gotta say, Chief don't look very happy but can't blame him because he isn't in his own armor.
Also I hope you get better soon. Don't rush yourself.
RoxyRoo May 25, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
O_o wow. this would make it Chief's first mission without his MJOLNIR armor since he got his Purple Heart. He must feel soooooo incredibly naked, probably hence that look on his face. lol
Feldspar is ALIIIIIIIIVE!!!

Also, I'm surprised they could find armor in Chief's size! Isn't he like 7 1/2 feet tall?
Not that I'm nitpicking; it's AWESOME to see him go lo-tech for this.
Whatever happened to that pistol he tucked into his pocket at the beginning of the story?
jameson9101322 May 25, 2010  Professional General Artist
it's a little too small for him... everyone else's armor covers their whole chest with a very small gap under the arms between the two plates and his is lookin' pretty snug.

(And yeah, I didn't want anyone distracted worrying about Feldspar, he'll be fine ^^)
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