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JournalDump05 by jameson9101322 JournalDump05 by jameson9101322
Sketches from 2005 read in the Western Style

Quill from LoZ windwaker. I stilll have a crush on this bird man, i'm not gonna lie.

Nameless - a Rito man based on the male character from the 80s animated film Angel's Egg. It works surprisingly well... I should draw him again sometime, i'd forgotten all about him.

The Sad Angel - 2005 wasn't a particularly tough year for me, but there's always that moment of loneliness of insecurity... sometime those moments create some of the most powerful art and often my journal is where that happens.

Mother and Daughter - this pic is based on a book I read called Salamander. It was a really weird book, but I drew a couple pictures of the characters. This is a mother and daughter meeting for the first time since the girl was born. They're meeting at the father's bedside... it was a beautiful scene in my head.

kermit and Piggy - I think i was watching the Muppet Movie, but I do love these two as a romance for some reason. I don't know why since they're puppets and Piggy's fairly abusive but I know Kermit can handle her and I've always had a thing for interracial couples. That said it pisses me off in the more recent Muppet commercials and things when Piggy hits on other guys.

Ray giving Mouse a piggyback ride. It was cute ^^ They are Cute ^^ It's all cute.
mikekearn Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I never played Wind Waker, and yet I totally pegged that character as a Legend of Zelda character right away. The LoZ games have always had a pretty consistent art direction, and it just felt like LoZ.
oOTouchAndGoOo Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2010  Student General Artist
Yay Rito man!!!
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