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June 7, 2008
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Lighthouse Teaparty by jameson9101322 Lighthouse Teaparty by jameson9101322
More Beyond Good and Evil art. I just finished the game for a second time today. I didn't realize how short it was! I finished it in, like, six hours! okay, maybe a few more hours... but still!

I really like this picture. I hadn't drawn a single picture of Double H yet and i'm like.. I want to draw something whimsical. This is a combination of a lot of ideas.... ideally this is part of the fun in the epilogue of the game.

Zaza, the girl with the teapot, was very reserved and quiet throughout the game having just been orphaned thanks to the DomZ. I thought it would be fun if DoubleH was the first person she'd open up to. Like a little-girl crush ^^. And he's so clueless and awkward sometimes, I can imagine him having no idea how to react to that kind of attention. Jade Pey'j and Pablo think this is hilarious. The rest of the guys are not really enjoying the teaparty... Fen in particular is fiercely jealous because he thinks Jade and DoubleH like each other. I got that kind of vibe off him in the game when he made some comment like "So I see you're bringing home canned food now?" and Jade replied "He's not like the others" So I guess Fen has always been jealous of Jade's boyfriends. Pey'j is totally pouring beer in his tea. He's so blue-collar. Yoa's enjoying hers though (and I stuck her next to Pey'j on purpose since she was the first one to figure out his secret... which means she was totally spying on him) And Segundo... is pretty much just pissed. He's standing on her knapsack btw... and openCanvas didn't let my brush get small enough to draw him properly so he's kinda comic-ified.

I would have liked to have stuck the other three or four kids in as well as Woof, but I didn't have references for most of them and Woof is so huge.... imagine they're all sitting on the camera side of the blanket.

Yay for Beyond Good and Evil
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you don't forget Zaza, how cute =) i like her so much...
thanks you for this work! =)
OMG this is soo good im still beating the game for like the 5th time
Turellio Jul 19, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Best game, characters, world, story, atmosphere. Ever! :D
*kicks internet for going out in the middle of commenting last night*

Let's try this again...

Man, that "canned food" comment never made a bit of sense to me, but now it does! Yay!

So, this picture is completely adorable, from Zaza's little crush to Jade's face to everything else. There's not much art of the kids, so it's nice to see them. At first I thought Yoa was supposed to be an alien or something, since she speaks a different language then everyone else and is, ya know, BLUE, but the camera lists her as human.

I'm so excited for BG&E 2. I'll actually have to start saving up for a PS3 now.
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